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Full Version: QNAP HS-210, Sonore Signature Series Rendu and Lumin Control App
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I have just recently received a Sonore SSR and am trying to work through understanding how everything is to function in harmony.

I have a QNAP HS-210 with the latest version of MinimServer installed.
The QNAP HS-210 also has the latest version of Java running.
My Windows 10 PC has MinimWatch installed and running properly.

What I desire is to be able to utilize the Lumin App for control.
I have installed the latest Lumin App on my Ipad Mini with latest iOS.

The Lumin App will open and load my entire album library.
I do not run the install Lumin Device since I do not have a Lumin Player/Renderer.
If I run the detect Lumin Device no renderer is detected.

The App sees the QNAP NAS and MinimServer, it also sees BubbleUPNP on my Android device but does not see the SSR.

The SSR shows up as Audio Renderer-101 in other Apps such as Linn Kinsky on iOS and BubbleUPNP on my Android device.

If I select an album and track to play the Lumin App displays " select Lumin player " , of which I do not have and the selection page is blank with nothing to select from.

Am I missing something simple here?
Do I have to somehow manually enter the SSR Audio Renderer-101?
Or am I misinterpreting other Posters when they comment that they are using the Lumin App on a device other than a Lumin product?
Perhaps the Lumin App is not compatible in my application?
Maybe I need to install something else on my NAS?

I have no doubt that someone can point me in the right direction!

Thanks in advance,

The LUMIN app requires an OpenHome renderer. You should be able to use BubbleUPnP Server (not the same as BubbleUPnP) to "wrap" the SSR as an OpenHome renderer and enable the LUMIN app to see it.
Thanks you for the reply, I looked into installation of the BubbleServer, it appears that it needs to installed on my NAS, on the other side of the renderer. Is that why the term "wrap" is mentioned? It looks to be quite a bit too involved for my comfort zone at this time.
I am getting accustomed to the MinimServer/BubbleUPnP control point on Android.

Thanks again!

Yes, 'wrap' means that BubbleUPnP Server is controlling the SSR using UPnP AV protocols and is acting as an OpenHome renderer to keep the LUMIN app happy.

BubbleUPnP is an excellent control point and I don't think you will regret choosing the simpler approach.
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