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Full Version: Installing Java SE Embedded 8 on Synology DS212J ARMv5
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I've obtained the Java SE Embedded 8 package but upon installing it from the Synology package center the installation fails with the message "Java binary bundle not found." Please let me know how to get past this problem and install the package so I can proceed to install MinimServer. Thank you.
You need to follow all the steps in this tutorial. The version of Java listed there is no longer current and you need to use the file ejdk-8u91-linux-arm-sflt.tar.gz instead.
I am trying to do the same as the OP - 212j and have the installer file you mention above, but my problem is the installation - its something obvious I am sure. I am using the latest version of DSM 6.0 that will run on this hardware.

1. I have installer file <ejdk-8u91-linux-arm-sflt.gz> in the 'public' shared folder which I had to add - but I don't know what to do with that now and the tutorial is a little obscure on this... step 1 trails off a little ?
2. I have supplied the URL depository and it's 'there' and certified - I can see that- but there is no 'community tab' available to me - 'Developer Tools' yes but no community - what am I missing ?
If I try to manually install anything like the .gz file, it sends me back my desktop folder.

I have done something like this before, with third party apps, but I am stumped a little and am clearly missing a (basic) trick, any idea ?

thanks in advance,
sorry, my apologies, I have figured this out, elementary in the end, thanks
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