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Full Version: How do I upgrade QNAP 219P+ to 8.4?
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I have a QNAP 219p+ and I wish to upgrade MinimServer to 8.4.

Within the QNAP ‘App Center’ I see that I currently have 0.8.3 installed, but there is no option to upgrade. From this I guess that I must manually download 8.4 and install it over the top of the current version. Is this correct?

My problem then is that I do not know which version to download and install. There are two to choose from:

MinimServer-0.8.4-arm.qpkg (soft float)


MinimServer-0.8.4-armv7.qpkg (hard float)

I have just spent an hour on the net but have failed to establish which is correct for my 219P+. I found a page that says that the 219P+ has a Marvell 88F6182 processor, but I have yet to establish whether this version does soft floats or hard floats.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction please?

You need the soft-float version. I have updated this page to provide the necessary information for the various QNAP models.
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