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Full Version: Warning: form size extends past end of file in AIFF file
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Hi there. I have several albums/songs in my Minimserver library that aren't recognized and not shown in Kazoo. In the log, they are all shown with the following warning:

Warning: form size extends past end of file in AIFF file.

Files are all in AIFF file format but from different sources, such as SACD, SHM-CD and HD.

How do I attach the log? In what format ?

Any clues to what is wrong? Thanks in advance.

This is a warning that the format of these files is wrong. It does not prevent the files from being read by MinimServer and shown in Kazoo. Are you seeing any error messages for these files in addition to this warning?

To remove the warning messages, you can run the files through a converter program such as dBpoweramp or XLD.
Never mind Simon. I just deleted the log and did a re-scan; no the warning messages are still there but all the albums show up in Kazoo.

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