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Full Version: Synology 1513+
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For what it's worth...

I could not log onto my Lumin this morning. It said server not found.
When I went to the NAS, Minimserver was not to be found either. Not the Icon or through a search.

My DSM had already updated to DSM 6.0-7321. And Minimserver had completely disappeared from the NAS.

1 I uninstalled Java 7
2 Installed Java 8
3 Installed MinimServer-
4 Re installed Minimwatch 8.3 on my laptop which was in RED. I did have to right click in order to get it to open since it wasn't a trusted source.

5 I stopped Mininserver 8.3 and then restarted it.

It now works perfectly. I did not have to redirect Minimserver to the music files.

If anyone runs into the same issue. Try the above steps, because it worked. I had no idea what I was doing except try to follow Simon's instructions as best I could.

Now, I will go back and donate some money!
Why did it disappear? Did your NAS do an DSM update automatically?
(10-04-2016 12:03)tarnkappe Wrote: [ -> ]Why did it disappear? Did your NAS do an DSM update automatically?

That's a good question and the reason I wrote the post. My NAS did upgrade DSM automatically (I guess, I don't remember upgrading it). It's been a few weeks since I've used the NAS. When I logged in, Minimserver was missing. Gone... I did a search for it as well. Nothing showed up.

I started looking at the NAS for an issue when my Lumin would not play as usual.

I thought someone might run into the same problem, except I did not put a clear title on the thread... Rookie mistake.
I have read another report here in the forum that on the DSM6 update some packages have been automatically uninstalled. So the automatic update to DSM6 will probably be the reason. This does not happen everytime. In my case minimserver still was installed but did not start anymore, so I had to upgrade it, too.
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