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Full Version: newbie: minimserver ok, but minimwatch can't see it
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Newbie question.

I have minimserver running on a synology nas 212J (
It seems to be working fine, I can see it and play from it using Android BubblePnP on the wireless network.

I have minimwatch installed and running on linux mint 17. I am not running a firewall. This is on a network governed by a BT homehub 5, with the linux computer visible as (via powerline ethernet adaptor). Minmwatch says it is watching (and there is no other network adaptor present) ... but it's greyed out and can't see the server.

Anything I'm doing obviously wrong?

MinimWatch 0.8.3 update 38, Copyright © 2012-2016 Simon Nash. All rights reserved.
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_95-b00)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.95-b01, mixed mode)
Platform default charset is UTF-8
System look and feel is javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalLookAndFeel
Active subnet is

The BT HomeHub has problems with multicast messaging and this is likely to be the reason for this problem. A workaround is to configure the HomeHub to use the 2.4 GHz band only, not the 5 GHz band.
Thanks Simon. That might be a showstopper ... but I hate my HH5, so it might only be a short term showstopper :-).
I will test it out in the next couple of days though, just so we know.
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