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Full Version: Unable to add dsf/dff files to the library
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I am having hard times adding pretty much any dsf/dff files to the library. I have read here and there on the forum that minimserver is enforcing some strict rules in terms of file integrity and that there is something wrong with metadata etc etc.

i use sonore iso2dsd on my mac to convert from iso files, most of them don't work. there are some dsf files produced by tascam hi res editor, they don't work either. finally, there are some dsf files i have downloaded from various sites - they also don't work.

the log shows the following: Error: unexpected end of file at offset 271573084 in file DSD...
however, this is not always shown (sometimes it's just "Scanning directory" with no error messages and tracks appearing in the library.

Any chance of fixing this by making minimserver simply ignore this conflict of metadata? i mean, all those files and converters can't be wrong.

any other ideas how to fix this? or maybe i am doing some thing wrong?

PS: just to check, can someone suggest how to reset all setting of minim server, including the library database? i have tried installing and uninstalling the app on my nas, but there might be some config folder with the setting kept after the uninstall i guess. i just want to make sure there is nothing wrong with the minimserver settings and the above issue is coming from dsf/dff metadata
The message you have posted is not related to metadata. It means the file format is corrupt. If you would like me to confirm this with one of your files that produce this message, please upload the file to my FTP server and let me know which program was used to create the file.

Because of server capacity and download bandwidth issues, it is important that the file you upload is as small as possible and it is also important that you only upload a single file. I will PM you the server details shortly.

Edit: I am unable to access the FTP server at the moment because I am away from home and the ISP I am using is blocking access. When I return home and I am able to access the server, I will PM you the server details.
I have sent you a PM with the server details.
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