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Full Version: Playback question
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(04-02-2016 22:17)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-02-2016 22:09)pvanosta Wrote: [ -> ]Simon
I have tested that second chain. The results are the same.

If you mean that the second chain in my post is the same as the first chain in my post, this shows that the problem is not related to MinimServer. From your original post, I had thought this was working as you wanted if you substituted Synology Media Server for MinimServer with no other changes.

It appears you are correct. It might be like some people have suggested that Oppo just does not like upnp. My search continues...

It works as I want when I access the files directly ( I'm guessing via SMB but that does not mean much to me) from the Oppo control app.

When I launch the Oppo control app, I see minimserver, diskstation with a blue logo ( I'm guessing that is Diskstation media server) and a second 'diskstation' with a server-like icon which takes me into the directory and folder tree. That second one is the one that works correctly. Everything else just plays current track.
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