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Full Version: Mserver.jar
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I installed minimserver on my new W10 computer. When i try to start the server i get a question in IE11 if i would like to open mserver.jar. I have installed Java for W10 x64 but it still does not start. I have no idea what to do?
Windows 10 may have somehow created an association of Java executable (.jar) files with IE (mserver.jar is the Minimserver program). You could change the association, but, just in case something else is broken, I would uninstall and reinstall Java, using the installation instructions for MinimServer. Note that you need to have a version of Java installed (32 or 64 bit) that matches your version of MinimServer. If you are at all uncertain, uninstall and reinstall the appropriate version of MinimServer as well.

You can find some suggestions for removing this incorrect file association on this page.

If any of the suggestions there is successful, please post back here to let others know how you did it. Many thanks!
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