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Full Version: Composer as artist display problem
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A curious thing just happened out of the blue 2 nights ago. On my network music player (Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6) the display has consistently been, from top to bottom, track title/Composer/Album. I was playing an album using the CA app from my android phone and I noticed the Composer line was showing the artists instead.

I checked minimserver properties and everything was still as it should be. Last night I tried playing an album using the CA app on my iPad and the second line showed the composer again as it originally did.

I then went on to check Bubbleupnp on my android phone and it shows artist, but 8player on the iPad shows composer. So it seems that it is probably something to do with Android that has changed recently but really not sure where to start to solve it. Up until 2 nights ago it worked perfectly and my phone has not updated. Bubbleupnp has had a recent update but not the CA app.

I wondered if anyone else has experienced similar issues.
I doubt that it would be a change in Android; that would surely affect only your phone. There might have been a firmware change in the player, if is connected to the net, but I don't know enough about your player to know whether it has an update mechanism of this kind.

I use BubbleDS, but BubbleUPnP is very similar, and I would think that it too has an option to show the Composer on the 'Now Playing' screen. This is independent of the Artist tag, which is always shown, and was not changed in the most recent update to Bubble.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry about the delay. A few nights later my player reverted to the desired display behaviour. So not sure at all what changed and then changed back. There was an update to my player but the display was alright immediately afterwards. And no further ones to have corrected it. A mystery. Thanks anyway. I suspect Bubbleupnp. There were a series of updates and maybe one of them temporarily changed things.
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