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Full Version: WMP multiple contributing artists show as one artist
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Hello all!

I just started using minimserver yesterday and am so far loving how customizable it is, and its correct handling of tags. That I was able to get compilations to show up coherently in album view, but still split out by original release year as appropriate in that category is a minor dream come true.

The only thing that I haven't been able to figure out yet is having my multi-artist tracks (MP3 ID3 v2.3) show up properly as multiple artists under the Contributing Artists field of the minimserver library in Windows Media Player. However, the artists get split properly if I just stick it in the local WMP library folders.

An example (ID3 v2.3):
Album: KMFDM vs. Skold
AlbumArtist: Various Artists
Artist: KMFDM / Skold
Title: "Why Me"

The goal is to have the song filed under both "KMFDM" and "Skold" in the "Contributing Artists" section of the WMP library, which again, it does if I have it in the local library or if it's being hosted by a WMP media server or even foobar2000's DLNA server.

When hosted by minimserver, it shows up as "KMFDM, Skold". I've tried setting a tagFormat for Artist.displayFormat={$artist^^^ / } to restore the slash, hoping WMP would re-parse it into multiple artists, but it just shows up as a single artist called "KMFDM / Skold". I also tried indexFormat and a couple of other separators (like semicolon), but no luck. Enabling multiTag also doesn't fix the issue.

I know that WMP is an odd duck, but it feels like this should work and there's just something small I'm overlooking (especially given the proper result through WMP with the same track hosted on other servers). I have confidence that minimserver is parsing the multiple artists properly, since it's putting in the default comma separator. Also because KMFDM and Skold appear properly when looking at the server through Bubble UPnP.

Oh, final note: The "Contributing Artist" view is hidden by default in Windows Media Player. To show it, right-click on the server in the navigation pane and choose "Customize Navigation Pane", and then enable the "Contributing Artist" checkbox. It'll then show up in the music section of the server.

Apologies for making my first post on here a wall of text, and a Windows Media Player question at that! I did look through the archives to see if see anyone else asked about this issue, but didn't find anything.

As mentioned, I'm really loving miniserver so far. After all the time I've spent organizing my music, having a server that lets me browse it exactly how I wanted is invaluable. It's saving me the time and pain of writing my own! Any help that can be provided is greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the MinimServer forum and thanks for letting me know about this problem.

Most media servers send artist information to the control point in both the upnp:artist and dc:creator fields. It appears that Windows Media Player uses the dc:creator field to populate the Contributing Artists section. When Artist.display.multiTag is set, MinimServer sends multiple XML tags for upnp:artist but uses a single merged string for dc:creator.

The solution is for MinimServer to send both upnp:artist and dc:creator as multiple XML tags when Artist.display.multiTag is set. This change will be in the next MinimServer update.
That's fantastic news, thanks Simon! Smile
(21-07-2015 04:04)CyberWilhelm Wrote: [ -> ]That's fantastic news, thanks Simon! Smile

This change is now available in MinimServer update 67.
Excellent! I'll check it out soon. Thank you for coming and updating this old thread! Smile

(01-10-2015 22:18)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]This change is now available in MinimServer update 67.
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