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Full Version: Can't enable MinimServer on QNAP TS-109
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(30-06-2015 09:07)nickc Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks again. Yes, I appreciate that my TS-109 is a very old model and I completely understand that it's unrealistic for you to continue supporting it forever; nonetheless I'm naturally disappointed to learn this. I'm hugely grateful for the efforts you've made over the years to keep MS running on this ancient hardware! And the advance notice that you may not continue much longer is a spur to me to think seriously about upgrading.

Thanks for your understanding. My first NAS (back in 2008) was a TS-109 II and it gave me very good service until I replaced it with a TS-119 (original fanless model, pucharsed on eBay). Since 2008, the QNAP firmware has moved from 3.3 to 4.1 and has changed almost beyond recognition. Even more significantly, the version of Linux used in the 3.3 firmware dates back to 2005 and is incompatible with recent versions of Java. I will be sorry to drop support for these old models but it is not realistic to keep puttiing effort into this as technology continues to move forward.
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