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Full Version: Album.sortTags : can they be applied only on specific lists ?
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Inside the "tagOptions"property, "Album.sortTags" can be used to define the tag(s) used to sort album lists. This order then applies to every album list, irrespective of how it is achieved.

I was wondering if it could be possible to specify sorting criteria specific to how the album list is reached. For ex., if your classical music library contains "recording date", "composition date" and "release date" tags, it would be interesting to get the album lists sorted by composition date when browsing by "Composer", by "recording date" when browsing by "Album Artist", and by "release date" when browsing by "Label".

As another example, if albums are tagged as recently added (Recent=Y/N) and with the addition date (Dateadded=yyyy-mm-dd), it would be nice to be able to browse the "Recent=Y" album list sorted by the "Dateadded values". As I see it now, this can be achieved by setting "Album.sortTags={Dateadded}", but then this sorting order will apply everywhere, which can be inconvenient when browsing through different paths, Composer or Album Artist.

Any suggestion on how I could achieve this ?

Thanks all
Great idea, I like it.
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