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Full Version: Missing files on Synology
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(24-02-2014 18:15)DavidHB Wrote: [ -> ]How the permissions are described in any GUI used to implement these commands will no doubt vary (the descriptors used in my NAS are somewhat different from ones I have seen used elsewhere), but the way permissions work will be the same.
Yes, I'm sure we're dealing with differences in the GUI.

More experimentation this weekend:

If I open up a Windows Explorer window and drag the files from the old folder to the new one, everything is good. If I inspect the permissions for these dragged files in Synology's DSM, they look like the ones I had to set manually after moving the files in Synology's File Station. Didn't expect that, but it's nice.

When I move the files in Windows, it appears that the old files are actually deleted and a new copy written. I say this because of the amount of time it takes to complete the operations. In File Station, if I right-click on a folder and choose Copy/Move . . . , the operation is faster; it just says "calculating file size" and then it's done. So I assume it's not actually moving the file, just changing the master file table that tells the DSM what files are where.

Which way I do it doesn't really matter, I suppose, now that I understand how it works and don't worry about my files disappearing.
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