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Full Version: [Solved] MinimWatch greyed out
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I have just installed JAVA (JRE 7 which works for other things) and MinimServer (0.8.1) on my QNAP TS-212. It seems to work, the icon turns green and I can also see MinimServer in the control application library (Kinsky). The MinimServer is also a media unit in Windows 8 network and sharing center.
Now I want to change the directory of the music library and I installed MinimWatch but the icon is always gray (meaning that MinimServer not started) and I can not configure. I have restarted computer and NAS but still grey.

Will be very glad for help regarding what can be wrong!

I have also removed all Java on my W8 computer and reinstalled Java Version 7 Update 45. Still grey.
Solved, it was the Windows firewall.
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