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Full Version: Difference between Playlist-Playing and Normal Playing ?
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(12-05-2014 19:44)anbecker Wrote: [ -> ]This is the content of the modules window:

* jminim-0.6.110.jar
* minimserver-
* minimui-0.8.106.jar
* ohnet(linux-arm)

Thank you!

This shows you are running the original MinimServer 0.8.1 download without any updates. If you install the latest update (update 28) and relaunch MinimServer, this will fix the problem.

The simplest way to install updates is to select About from the minim icon, then click 'Show updates'. If any updates are available, select the update you want to install, click the Install button and follow the prompts.

If you're starting from the original download, you'll be offered update 18 first. You need to install update 18 and relaunch MinimServer before you can see and install update 28. The prompts will take you through this two-stage process.
Thank you very much. I was of the opinion that installing the latest version over the DS package center would automatically install that version. Now it works properly!
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