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Full Version: Help configuring on qnap
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Hi, I have the latest version of software on my QNAP NAS 269L. I have installed java and Minim without incident and the logs showing all well! But from the instructions below, I can't find where the upnp control point is? Sorry - what do I do next after all installed? I can see the server in my Naim n-stream app but folder empty as I guess, as you said, I need to tell Minim where my music folder is, but don't know where to do that!!


MinimServer should now be running, and you should be able to see it in a UPnP control point. If you can't see it, go to "System Logs" in the QNAP Administration console and check whether there's an error message from MinimServer. If the system log doesn't show any MinimServer errors, see the Startup problems section for further suggestions.
Sorry, think I figured it out, what wrong! The music content dir is automatically set by Minim to the multimedia share, but my music is in a shared folder called: "Music" which I created! Is there anyway to point Minim application to look for my music folder, or do I have to move my music file?
Sorry again, figured it out - maybe I should read instructions a little more closely!!!

Thank you and sorry agin!
Glad you have it fixed and hopefully all working now.
Welcome to the forum, feel free to ask any question.
All of us, I am sure, are guilty of not always reading manuals Big Grin
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