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New to MinimServer
01-05-2013, 19:01
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New to MinimServer
I have been streaming music through a Linn Klimax DS (now DS/1) for 3 or 4 years now, with my ripped cds (about 3000) and downloads (about 500 I guess) on a QNAP 269Pro NAS with the dreaded Twonky. I have a MacbookPro and an Ipad, and use Kinsky and ChorusDSHD to control what I play. I get lots of satisfaction from it, but there are some niggles.

I have decided that I need to get away from Twonky and move to MinimServer: I am currently in the process of working out exactly how I do that without catastrophically messing up my existing system. About 50% of my music is classical, 30% rock/pop (I was a teenager in the '60s and have played in bands ever since) 20% is jazz. I use Mp3Tag and ImageConverter Plus as additional software to help me organise and tag properly the collection, and dBPoweramp to rip my cds. I am running Parallels on my MacBook. As far as organising my collection is concerned, it has "just growed", and I probably need to spend some time restructuring the files to obtain greater consistency.

I have registered today to the MinimServer forum. If any of you have gone through the same process that I am starting, I would be pleased to have your advice.

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01-05-2013, 19:40
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RE: New to MinimServer
If it has worked with Twonky, it will work with MinimServer too without having to make any changes.
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