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Selecting NAS
Today, 09:03
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Selecting NAS
So far I use a laptop plus external HDD driving MinimServer over ethernet to Lumin U1 Mini (see attachment). In all I have about 6,000 FLAC ripped CD’s and/or bought and downloaded albums. The only streaming I do is my own stored files and TuneIn radio. I do not intend to use Roon, Tidal, Spotify or any other streaming services, neither for music or movies. I’m old fashioned who wants to own my music files. It works excellent.

Now, I have some thoughts to buy a NAS. As far as I have understood the most in use seems to be Synology and QNAP. I’m using PC/Windows 10, Mp3Tag and of course MinimServer and then Lumin U1 Mini.

From MinimServer point of view in this context, does it matter if I go the Synology or the QNAB way including practical arguments like ”easy to use”?

Other thoughts, pieces of advices...?

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