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Running into frustration: Title.displayFormat
20-01-2020, 22:08
Post: #21
RE: Running into frustration: Title.displayFormat
You could try adding the following to tagValue:


This will replace the Date tag value with the OriginalDate tag value in every file that has an OriginalDate tag.

This is simple but it means you will lose the Date tag value (the album date) for albums whose tracks have OriginalDate tags. If you don't want to replace Date in this way, you could define a new tag in indexTags (for example, DateValue) and put the following in tagValue:

DateValue.default={OriginalDate, Date}

This adds DateValue tags without replacing any Date tags in your files.

If you prefer having these computed DateValue values appear in the Date index when you are browsing (instead of appearing in a separate index named DateValue), you can change DateValue in indexTags to DateValue:Date and move Date from indexTags into itemTags.
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