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01-10-2019, 12:57
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RE: Sort by Album Artist
I post this reply hesitantly as it is based on using Helium for only a short time, and my issues may be due to a complete misunderstanding of the software. I had not intended to post but recent posts suggest it may be useful???

After downloading and installing the latest version on a Windows 7 pc, I set a single album folder to be referenced by Helium. My expectation was that the audio files tag values would be directly read/updated.

Nb - I normally use dbpoweramp for tagging and it has served me well with no issues.

This albums’ audio files contained the normal tags but also contained values for albumartist and composer. Surprisingly, the Helium tag editor displayed no values for these tags!
Subsequently, I updated one audio files’ composer value and saved the changes. To my horror, all of that audio files’ tag values were cleared.

At this point, I saw no need to continue using the product.

I must reiterate that the default settings of Helium may have been incompatible with the audio files presented to it or I may very well have performed the tag update incorrectly or etc. etc.

However, the ‘loss’ of tag values does appear similar to the unknown values described in recent posts by dav1129
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