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The control app thread
31-12-2019, 14:44
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RE: The control app thread
(31-12-2019 10:44)Donuk Wrote:  There is a new update for Lumin, x.13 I think.
Of most interest to me is the ability to have a couple more "themes" for background colour. There is now hard black and white. I wonder if the white one has been inspired by the Linn beta white app. (When on earth is that going to get on the road? The one feature I do really like is the ability to search one's collection and Qobuz simultaneously.). Actually the white theme on Lumin is quite nice, especially on a mobile phone.

There is also a strange arrow which pulls up Exact2, Roon, and Speaker Test dialogues.
The first two I cannot test. If you press on the Speaker test it produces the dialogue which would enable you to place this in the playlist.
When you try to do this the app completely crashes.

There is no perfect app, and in my experience no faultless network. But Lumin, for me provides the nearest experience of shuffling through a pile of LPs and choosing one to listen to. The ability to look at the collection full screen and adjust the image sizes is great. I have no links with Lumin and use a Linn streamer.

I cannot find any other new new features.

Happy New year from beautiful downtown York
PS I downloaded Mosaic (above) out of curiosity, and had a quick look. I could not get it to find my network or Linn streamer. I presume it only talks to stuff it is designed to talk to. If not tell me where i went wrong.

The little arrow seems to have the function selecting inputs.
It does see some of the inputs on my Majik DSM, e.g. HDMI4 and I am able to switch and activate this input.
Unfortunately not all inputs activated on my Linn are visible on the Lumin app so for this moment it is not a full alternative to Kazoo!
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01-01-2020, 10:16 (This post was last modified: 01-01-2020 19:44 by Donuk.)
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RE: The control app thread
And now I notice that the Linn white beta app has been updated, via Testflight.
Again had a little look - has the ability to access the Linn account directly from this app, via a browser, to change settings and Space Optimisation. A logical step.

Happy new year from beautiful downtown York
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