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Linn Kazoo app
16-04-2019, 20:49 (This post was last modified: 16-04-2019 21:15 by Cebolla.)
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RE: Linn Kazoo app
(11-04-2019 15:51)Kangar Wrote:  I have installed MinimServer on RPI 3, and use Linn Kazoo as control point on my iPhone, everything works well, except DSD file, although I can view and select DSD files, but music won’t play, wonder if anyone come across the same issue? And any solution to is?
(11-04-2019 16:43)Kangar Wrote:  
(11-04-2019 16:20)ac16161 Wrote:  Which Linn streamer are you using? For native playback you need one from the Katalyst range, otherwise you need to transcode.
I don’t have any Linn streamer, I use allo digione signature player.

May be whatever OpenHome renderer the all digione signature player is running doesn't support the industry standard MIME types (audio/x-dsf and audio/x-dff) for the two types of DSD files. You might be able to fix this if you can find out what it's actually using, by setting MinimServer's Custom MIME type feature:

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