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NAS for 'Dummies'
04-08-2018, 16:58
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RE: NAS for 'Dummies'
MinimStreamer 0.7.6 expired on 30 June 2018. The solution is to install MinimStreamer 0.7.7. This update should be installed automatically by MinimServer's auto-update facility when you restart MinimServer, unless you have disabled auto-update.

The current QNAP silent NAS solution is the HS-251+. I have one of these and I am very pleased with it. It is silent and has a much faster processor than the HS-210.

The QNAP App Center has a setting to install updates automatically when they become available. I haven't used this myself. This should take care of MinimServer version updates (for example, MinimServer 0.8.4 to MinimServer 0.8.5) but would not be able to update MinimStreamer because this isn't an App Center package. MinimStreamer updates and MinimServer updates within a version (for example, update 122 to update 123) are installed by the MinimServer auto-update facility.

The MinimServer auto-update facility checks for updates only when MinimServer is started. On a NAS, MinimServer might run for several weeks or months without beng restarted. To solve this, there is a mechanism in MinimWatch to check for updates when MinimWatch is either restarted or rediscovers MinimServer and prompt the user to install any pending updates.
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