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Very Slow Rescan with 8.5.3
15-05-2018, 21:41
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RE: Very Slow Rescan with 8.5.3
(15-05-2018 20:33)simoncn Wrote: should not be scanning the library more slowly than previous versions.

Which version were you using previously and on which platform? Are your music files on a local disk or accessed across a network?

How did you install If you did this in a way that deleted the MinimServer cache files that were created by the previous version, this would explain the much slower rescan performance.
Hi, Simon,
The version I am using is a test build you gave me to overcome a bout of Java heap space problems I was experiencing. You supplied it to me on 11/12/2017. It is installed on a ReadyNAS NV2+ on which my music files are stored. The NAS is on a network.

I installed the upgrade after down loading it and hitting the Run button.

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