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De-duplicating on Synology DS412+
10-03-2018, 10:38
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RE: De-duplicating on Synology DS412+
(10-03-2018 10:20)Pepsican Wrote:  
(08-03-2018 12:59)timster Wrote:  
(08-03-2018 12:44)linleyw Wrote:  OK, so I've managed to locate the Z: music folder through the DB PowerAmp De-Dup program, scanning 12938 tracks right now, BUT can't locate that same Z: folder through Asset UPnP, so presumably I'll be de-duping and unable to locate the finished item?

only 33hrs remaining on the scan lol

Asset will be running on the NAs so has direct access to the music folder, not through your Z: drive on the PC.

The others make good points. The best solution by far is to organise your music files and folders better.

Asset is not officially supported on Synology. Only on Qnap. Better to leave Asset be and switch to MinimServer. There is nothing MinimServer cannot do that Asset can. But there are things MinimServer can do that Asset cannot.

Not quite true. Asset has new additions and auto-rescan on changes, random tracks/albums generation, and ability to bookmark places in the browse tree (particularly helpful in conjunction with dynamic browsing).
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