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minimstremer availability (Feb 2018)
19-02-2018, 13:47
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minimstremer availability (Feb 2018)
Hi Folks,
today reinstalled Minimserver and minimwatch on Dell laptop.
Checked packages, it says 2 installed, none available:
minimserver-0.8-update-121 Active
minimserver- Active+original
The following packages are available for installation:
OK mscript says minimstreamer is available,
but install minimstreamer says:
Resource not available: minimstreamer.jmpkg
......Has it been removed now?
I wanted to activate the on-the-fly conversion to 192/24 on my Zen mini like before = noticeable improvement on Linn DSM.
Thanks a million - Nigel, Bahrain
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19-02-2018, 16:23
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RE: minimstremer availability (Feb 2018)
There are two reasons for this:

1) You need to type install minimstreamer-0.7.6 instead of install minimstreamer

2) If you do the above, you will get a message 'Package license was not accepted.' This is because you are trying to use mscript to do the installation and mscript cannot prompt you to accept the MinimStreamer license. If you use startc instead of mscript, you will get the MinimStreamer license prompt and installation should be successful.

Note: startc will prompt you to do a relaunch to activate the new package but there is currently a problem with this. After typing the relaunch command and pressing Enter, you need to press Enter a second time to allow the relaunch to proceed. This will be fixed in the next MinimServer update.
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