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best practice for classical music
11-02-2018, 16:41
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best practice for classical music
I am using MinimServer with Lumin to listen with my LINN DS.
My FLAC collection is about 4000 jazz and pop album.
It works great! Big Grin With multiple artist on an album and a track, various artists alben etc...

But now I will tagging my classik collection. Undecided
For this I use an multiple instance of minimserver.

now my question:
what is the best practice for the minimserver settings (tagCustom, tagFormat or tagOptions) to see the artist, conductor, orchestra, choir, solist etc... in the Lumin app?

hope there is someone who help's me
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12-02-2018, 08:31
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RE: best practice for classical music
I may not be the best reference, but here's what I do.

* Album Title: I stick as closely as possible to the original title as shown on the cover art but shorten composers to last name only.
* Album Artist: Composer's name (last name first as in "Hindemith, Paul”). Set to “Various Composers” when multiple composers on the same album
* Track artist: blank - I know many use track artist for soloist, conductor, orchestra, etc., but I prefer to leave this blank so that the artist list is less cluttered when using portable devices.
* Composer: Composer’s name, reversed.
* Soloists: Any soloists, key performers
* Conductor: Conductor
* Orchestra: All orchestras or ensembles like quartets, etc. I don't use the Ensemble field but you could do this for smaller groups.
* Chorus: Choir, Chorus - any vocal group
* Genre: all set to "Classical". Thinking of Style field for sub-genres, e.g. Baroque Chamber, Symphonic.
* Track title: show the work and the movement, delete any unnecessary repetition of album or soloists, etc.
* Year: year only, no month
* Grouping: box set names. Others use this to for “work” or “composition” - I may do this next.
* Description: I set this field with the year and month acquired the album, in the format “YYYY-MM,” for example 2016-01 or 2016-11. In the IndexTags in Minimserver properties I’ve added “Description:Date Added,” which indexes by this field and displays it as “Date Added” so I can browse my library by when albums were added and find recent acquisitions easily.
* For multi-disc sets, add “(Disc 1),” “(Disc 2),” etc. to the end of the album title, also make sure the Disc Number and Total Discs fields are populated.

Minimserver properties:
Server tab
IndexTags= Artist:Album Artist, Genre, -Description:Date Added, All Artists, Composer, Work, Soloists, Conductor, Orchestra, Grouping:Collections, #AudioQuality:Audio Quality

ItemTags= ArtistSort, albumartist, #AudioDuration,tracknumber,tracktotal

listViewAlbums= 25

mergeFolder Albums= false

TagOptions= Album.sortTags={Album, Artist}, all.ignore.sort={The, THE, the}, Composer.reverseName.display

tagVaue= Artist.Value.Sort={ArtistSort}

Advanced tab
tagCustom= Composer.displayRole={artist}, Orchestra.displayRole={artist}, Conductor.displayRole={artist}, Soloists.displayRole={artist}

tagFormat= Album.displayFormat={$album^$#AudioQuality^ [^]}, title.displayFormat={$tracknumber^^/$tracktotal^^: $title$#AudioDuration}, Artist.displayFormat={$artist^^^/$composer^ - ^^/$soloists^; ^^/$orchestra^; ^^, $conductor^; ^ conducting}
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