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How to use Groups
27-02-2018, 12:38
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RE: How to use Groups
(26-02-2018 14:19)dukdukgoos Wrote:  I disagree, as it's pretty clear in the spec what TIT1 is for. People using it for genre groupings are just abusing the spec. It's right there in the identifier: it's supposed to be the first-level title or 'super-title'.
The ID3 specification says:

TIT1:The 'Content group description' frame is used if the sound belongs to a larger category of sounds/music. For example, classical music is often sorted in different musical sections (e.g. "Piano Concerto", "Weather - Hurricane").

Now, certainly it implies it could be something like a Work but for the past twenty years it has mostly been used for something else, you cant just turn back time. iTunes itself has a Grouping field that used to map to TIT1 which has been used to group tracks but not to group them to a work. So there are two different types of grouping required, a specific Classical based Work (1) and a more general group as required (2). Since most applications use TIT1 for (2) it would make more sense for iTunes to create a new ID3 field for Work (1) rather than change the use of TIT1 and introduce a new field for (2).

Following iTunes approach now breaks compatability with many other tools. But since MinimServer uses it own field anyway (GROUP) I dont see it has to do anything.
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28-02-2018, 18:50
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RE: How to use Groups
At the very least, MinimServer should map the new GRP1 frame to CONTENTGROUP for users of the latest version of iTunes.

There is also the possibility of enabling MinimServer to map TIT1 to WORK for these users. It should be possible for MinimServer to map TIT1 to WORK for files that iTunes has tagged with work and movement and map TIT1 to CONTENTGROUP in other cases.
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