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Log Error Messages Not Understood
13-01-2018, 16:29
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RE: Log Error Messages Not Understood
(13-01-2018 15:51)Budgie Wrote:  I have not found a Group tag even with Puddletag Extended Tags function, only "grouping" which is blank for all tracks on the disc.

That's weird. Extended tags should show all the tags there are, particularly with the Vorbis metadata format used by FLAC

(13-01-2018 15:51)Budgie Wrote:  From what I have read the Group tag capability was only added to Mp3Tag quite recently. Do you really have a Group tag field in Puddletag and which version are you using?

The tags are in the file and are not a function of the tagging program, except that, as previously described, only a selection of tags (which you can change) is displayed in the grid and tag panel. But all the tags should be visible in the Extended dialog. Mp3Tag has had essentially the same capabilities as Puddletag (though not the drop-down menus in the Extended dialog, which is a pity) for all the nearly five years I've been using it. I'm using Puddletag 1.2.0, but doubt that that is relevant.

(13-01-2018 15:51)Budgie Wrote:  Bottom line is probably to rip disc again. I have no idea how the tags were mangled but I had been trying SongKong and it is possible the tagging was imported.

In the circumstances, that may be a sensible thing to try.

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