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Log Error Messages Not Understood
13-01-2018, 10:34 (This post was last modified: 13-01-2018 10:46 by DavidHB.)
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RE: Log Error Messages Not Understood
(13-01-2018 00:56)Budgie Wrote:  I have added ... as directed and applied and restarted but still getting the same error message on two discs. Have I missed something once again?

To take the obvious thing first, did you do a rescan? You need to rebuild the index to get MinimServer to recognise the changes. If you do the rescan with the log window open, you will see any error messages when they occur.

Beyond that, as it is obvious that there are Group tags in the problem files (however they got there), you might want to have a look at them. The following instructions are for Puddletag, which is what I have installed on my Linux machine.

Open the problem folder in Puddletag. Select a file mentioned in an error message. The Group tag will, almost certainly, not appear either in the grid or the tag panel. If it doesn't, right-click on the selected file and click on Extended tags (or just press Ctrl-E). This will give you an editing dialog with the full list of tags for the file, and very likely there will be many more than shown in the grid and tag panel. This will allow you to inspect and edit the Group tag. If you select multiple files, for each tag you will get a drop-down menu showing all values of that tag in the selected files, plus <Keep> which is the default and means "leave things as they are".

This should enable you to remove the offending Group values. But I suspect that after a rescan the changes you have made as recommended by Simon will have the desired effect.

Incidentally, any Windows users reading this will find that the instructions given for Puddletag work in almost exactly the same way in MP3Tag as well. The main difference is that in MP3Tag the shortcut key to the Extended Tags dialog is not Ctrl-E but Alt-T.

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