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Multiple value delimiter
29-12-2017, 13:14
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Question Multiple value delimiter
Hi all,

I absolutely like the way MinimServer gives me control of my library.
Most of my songs contain multiple genres. Those are tagged in the TCON ID3v2.4 field with a '/' as delimiter. This is as far as I know the only way for my HTPC interface (Emby) to separate the genres.

Is it possible for MinimServer to use the same delimiter (instead of '\\') and if not, does someone has a different solution/workaround?

Thanks in advance!
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29-12-2017, 19:26 (This post was last modified: 29-12-2017 19:27 by simoncn.)
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RE: Multiple value delimiter
In ID3v2.4 (unlike ID3v2.3), '/' is not a separator character for multiple values. Multiple values are separated by a NUL character and this is written by your tagging program. Some tagging programs (for example, Mp3tag) use \\ in their user interface as a separator for multiple values and write a NUL character in the ID3v2.4 file in place of the \\. In this case, MinimServer is seeing the NUL character in the tag value, not \\.

If Emby is writing a / character into ID3v2.4 files to separate multiple values, this is incorrect and will not work with a server that implements the ID3v2.4 specifcation correctly, such as MinimServer.
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30-12-2017, 00:02
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RE: Multiple value delimiter
Thanks for your clear explanation!

I wrote some bash scripts to automate the tagging process, so I only use linux command line tools. Are you maybe aware of a tool that supports multiple tag values that follow the id3v2.4 specifications? Thanks!
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