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MinimServer not installing on Synology 214j
02-12-2017, 18:44
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RE: MinimServer not installing on Synology 214j
(02-12-2017 18:19)DavidHB Wrote:  
(02-12-2017 17:02)spaceryder Wrote:  Is there an 'easy or best' option to use ( I have a lot of classical plus rock)?

There is no one 'best' way of doing things. The best method for you is the one that you find most convenient. Which, I know, is not a lot of help when you are just starting out.

Think about how you, say, organise your CDs on their shelves. I used to organise my CDs by Genre. Then classical disks (the majority in my collection) were arranged alphabetically by composer and composition, with compilation albums arranged by disk title. Other genres were arranged alphabetically by artist and album. With my digital music library, this makes my most 'natural' browsing sequences Genre (Classical) > Composer > Composition or Genre (not Classical) > Artist > Album.

At each stage of the sequence MinimServer refines (i.e. reduces) the selection. So sometimes I can do, say, Genre (Classical) > Composer > Album, to get the albums with works by the selected composer. You can find yourself taking interesting paths through your collection and finding tracks you didn't realise you even had. Of course, your file tagging has to be complete and consistent for this to work, but, once you get into a routine with the way you tag things, that is not too much of a problem.

I hope this helps.


This is very helpful, thank you.

My CD 'shelf' would be identical to yours

Just a further question: I am ripping with dBpoweramp and just leaving the tagging to the default settings. Should I tag my music in any particular way and if so, how should I go about it?

Thanks, once again.
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02-12-2017, 18:47
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RE: MinimServer not installing on Synology 214j
(02-12-2017 13:49)spaceryder Wrote:  Hello Simon

I have my music on a NAS and I have an ethernet connection to a remote music player ( NAIM) in my lounge. On the NAIM forums, several people seem to be doing this.

Can I use MinimServer for this?

Yes, because this is a local connection, not a remote internet connection (to a device many miles away). QuickConnect is used to access a NAS via a remote internet connection.
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