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How to ignore some composers
30-08-2018, 20:47
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RE: How to ignore some composers
I have been experimenting with writing some code to build the tagupdate.txt file based on input parameters, so that I can have a collection of favourite genres bundled together - Classical on its own and then a set of others. Also, the code ought to be easier to maintain. I have written the following in R, the output file looks like a perfectly formatted tagupdate.txt file, but Minimserver is ignoring it. My manually created file adding a main library view of Classical music works fine. Even if you don't know R, you are probably way more advanced than me and can see what this is doing. Any ideas why the code-generated version of the tag file is being ignored?

# filename of tag update file
fn <- "M:/tagupdate.txt"

# genre tags, group using * character
# first entry is display genre in Minimserver, subsequent entries are synonyms
# R requires substitution of \ with \\ otherwise it is treated as an escape character

ingenre <- c("Electronica*Electronic*Electro",
             "Hip-Hop/Rap*Hip Hop/Rap*Hip-Hop*Rap*Alternative Rap",
             "Pop/Rock*Pop\\Rock*Pop Rock",
             "Pop*Dance*New Wave",
             "Soundtrack*Original Score",
             "Alternative*Psychadelic*Alternative & Punk",
             "New Age*Newage",
             "Soul*R&B/Soul*Soul / Funk / R&B",
             "Easy Listening*Swing*Adult Contemporary",
             "Traditional*Traditional, Christmas")

# favourite non-classical genres
favgenre <- c("Alternative","Easy Listening","Electronica","Jazz","Latin","Pop","Pop/Rock","R&B","Reggae","Rock","Singer/Songwriter","Soul","Soundtrack","World")

con <- file(fn,open="w",encoding="UTF-8")
for (i in 1:length(ingenre)){
  graw <- unlist(strsplit(ingenre[i],split="*",fixed=TRUE))
  for (j in 2:length(graw)){

# create additional main library genres

for (i in 1:length(favgenre)){

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