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How to ignore some composers
27-08-2018, 22:21
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RE: How to ignore some composers
(09-11-2017 12:41)Alandbush Wrote:  
(08-11-2017 18:10)DavidHB Wrote:  You could simply use the browse sequence Genre > Classical > Composer. This requires no tag editing beyond what you already seem to be doing, and no additional property settings.

This is a good suggestion from David but, dare I say, it could be improved with a little more effort.

The following suggestion removes one tag selection step, i.e.
Genre > Classical > Composer
Classical library > Composer

In short, it creates a new tag with a single value, which is added to the top index.

1) tagUpdate property
add filename and path, if necessary eg. /volume1/music/tagUpdate.txt

2) create above file, in the appropriate directory, containing following lines


Optionally, you can also remove the "Classical" entry from the GENRE index


I found a couple of "classical" variations among my files.
The tagUpdate file can be used to group them with additional lines


3) indexTags property
add CLASSICALGENRE=Classical:Classical library

Hope you find this useful.

This is an outstandingly helpful post - thanks! I can now at last have something that approaches the functionality of multiple libraries. But to go the whole way, it would be great if the following syntax could be suppported, e.g.


where "^=" denotes "not equal to". That way I could directly browse non-classical music. Does the tag update functionality accept a "not equal to" operator? And for the item following the =, could we have a list? This could be quite a powerful extension for customising the main index view.
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