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How to ignore some composers
10-11-2017, 21:43 (This post was last modified: 10-11-2017 22:07 by DavidHB.)
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RE: How to ignore some composers
(09-11-2017 12:41)Alandbush Wrote:  This is a good suggestion from David but, dare I say, it could be improved with a little more effort.

Yes, and it's the 'little more effort' that begs the question ... Smile

On issues of this kind, there is often no 'better' or 'best', but only what the user finds most convenient and intuitive (often the same thing) and suited to his or her use case, muscle memory, and level of confidence in dealing with MinimServer settings. Between us, you and I have given users alternative options, which is a good thing.

All that said, your suggestion intrigues me. I particularly like the way it is all done in settings, with no addition to the tagging commitment. I'll give it a go and report back.

Later: I implemented the suggestion on one of my servers (without either the option or the variations on 'Classical', which I deal with in another way). I like it! My collection is predominantly classical, so having entry 'Classical Library' at the top of the starting list is very useful. Many thanks for the suggestion and for finally giving me a reason to use tagUpdate, which will no doubt rejoice Simon's heart ... Smile

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