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How to ignore some composers
09-11-2017, 12:41
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RE: How to ignore some composers
(08-11-2017 18:10)DavidHB Wrote:  You could simply use the browse sequence Genre > Classical > Composer. This requires no tag editing beyond what you already seem to be doing, and no additional property settings.

This is a good suggestion from David but, dare I say, it could be improved with a little more effort.

The following suggestion removes one tag selection step, i.e.
Genre > Classical > Composer
Classical library > Composer

In short, it creates a new tag with a single value, which is added to the top index.

1) tagUpdate property
add filename and path, if necessary eg. /volume1/music/tagUpdate.txt

2) create above file, in the appropriate directory, containing following lines


Optionally, you can also remove the "Classical" entry from the GENRE index


I found a couple of "classical" variations among my files.
The tagUpdate file can be used to group them with additional lines


3) indexTags property
add CLASSICALGENRE=Classical:Classical library

Hope you find this useful.
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