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MinimWatch - no tray icon(s) or desktop launcher
29-12-2017, 23:35
Post: #41
RE: MinimWatch - no tray icon(s) or desktop launcher
(29-12-2017 23:26)simoncn Wrote:  I thought this was explained earlier in the thread but it seems that it might have been sent in a PM.

The minimstart.conf file should contain a single line

java = /full/linux/path/to/desired/java

In your case, this would be the full path to the JDK 9 version of the java executable that you want MinimWatch to use.
Thanks - I was being a bit dim. Not having any such file, and having never heard of it before, I vaguely imagined it might contain a number of items that I would have to get right. But yes, now I look harder you did say in a earlier post on this thread that it needed just the one line.

Sorry, and as Nickc said, thanks for your continuing and comprehensive help.
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