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MinimAppLauncher hangs OSX Sierra
12-08-2017, 03:02 (This post was last modified: 12-08-2017 03:10 by Jack42.)
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MinimAppLauncher hangs OSX Sierra
I have been using Minim Server on OS X Sierra for many months and this morning I rebooted the computer and got a dialogue asking me to look at the log file and the dump file (which I can't edit so I don't know what is in it). I can't attach the dump file because it is 6.4 Mbytes. However I can attach the log file so I have done that.

I decided to navigate to the /Applications/ folder and execute the MinimAppLauncher from the command line and see if any output was observed. The startup appears normal and the server is now operating.

The little half note in the top bar appears and the server presents itself to my uPnP client. Here is the command line information:

<Computer name>:MacOS <user name>$ ./MinimAppLauncher
MinimServer 0.8.4 update 103, Copyright © 2012-2017 Simon Nash. All rights reserved.
MinimStreamer 0.6.4, Copyright © 2012-2017 Simon Nash. All rights reserved.
starting MinimServer[<Computer name>.gateway]
MinimServer[<Computer name>.gateway] is running
Startup complete - press enter to shutdown:

If I shut down the server and once again try to double click in the MinimServer in the Applications folder nothing happens. It doesn't appear in the Activity Monitor and no icon appears in the top bar nor does it present itself.

I have tried restarting the computer a couple of times and MinimServer hangs each time.

I have the workaround of using the command window but I have to leave it open or it kills the server.

Does anyone know how to restore automatic operation again?

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.log  minimserver-threads-20170812-104105.log (Size: 2.61 KB / Downloads: 1)
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12-08-2017, 08:54
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RE: MinimAppLauncher hangs OSX Sierra
I would very much like to see the heapdump file. I will PM you with details of where to send it. Many thanks!

Also, after you try to launch MinimServer from the icon in the Applications folder and it fails to start, please look for the file /Users/your-user-name/Library/MinimServer/minimserver.log and attach it to a post here.
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