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Can Minim read Naim server's metadata files?
27-04-2018, 14:11 (This post was last modified: 27-04-2018 14:12 by paultaylor.)
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RE: Can Minim read Naim server's metadata files?
(23-07-2015 08:22)simoncn Wrote:  
(22-07-2015 23:47)Carl Wrote:  In the album folder there are four additional files:

folder.jpg (which contains cover art)

Thanks for this information. The metadata appears to be in the amginfo.xml file. The XML data within this file is in a proprietary format that does not conform to any standard metadata specification. I don't have any plans to add support for this proprietary metadata format to MinimServer.
FWIW SongKong with a melco license (doesnt require you to actually have a melco N1) can indeed read and embed the amginfo.xml and cdbbinfo.txt information into standard ID3 Wav metadata that can then be read by MinimServer.

Also, when a Naim UinitServe user edits the metadata of Wav files using the NaimApp the metadata is written to another file, useredits.xml. Since SongKong 5.3 we can also read and embed this information as well.
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02-05-2018, 11:41
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RE: Can Minim read Naim server's metadata files?
Carl, when I started playing ripped cd's from a NAS with Minimserver some months ago I was taking some time to have metadata correct.

However, I have found myself to browse and choose my music in Folder view. With the files organised in folders by
1 = Main category = a: Classical, b: Jazz/blues and c: Other,
2 = Artist/band (for classical I find it best to use composer here). With compilations kept in a few dedicated folders, e.g. Various Opera, Various Piano, Various Dance/Hits.
3 = Album (cd)

For me, this works very well. And I hardly ever use the metadata, unless you see track title as metadata :-)

Sometimes I could miss the option to search classical area for e.g. specific performers. But for this to work well from metadata I would probably have to spend quite some time for the metadata to effectively support this kind of search.

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