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Melco Audiophile NAS
27-04-2019, 23:19
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RE: Melco Audiophile NAS
(27-04-2019 17:08)simoncn Wrote:  The LAN player port and USB output port both produce excellent sound quality. Which is better will depend on the DAC you are using. In my setup with a DAC that has both USB and LAN inputs, the USB output sounds better (but only when using a good USB cable).

Out of curiosity, what are you using? I had a Vitus RD-101 on loan recently, much cheaper than the new price of my Linn Katalyst KDS, and the Vitus gave the Linn quite a kicking - just so much more analogue. I have heard the Vitus Signature at a dealer, similar price to the Linn, and the Vitus Signature DAC is so far ahead of Linn it's hard to believe.

I borrowed a Melco N1Z today and it's an immediate non-starter due to the whirring noise of the drives. Also, almost no improvement in sound at all in my system. Perhaps that's my ears, or the Russ Andrews power supply on my network switch, or Linn having designed a really good pre-DAC stage on the Katalyst KDS. But the improvement was negligible. I'm more interested in Melco as a transport for a USB DAC to replace the KDS (with which I've never really fallen for), and ideally Melco would do a transport-only box (I'm just not interested in setting up yet another storage platform, I already have two NAS units taking care of all media duties in the house). An alternative seems to be the Lumin U1 Mini, potentially good value if it's compatible with a wide range of DACs. So Lumin is probably my next lead to explore.
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28-04-2019, 20:40
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RE: Melco Audiophile NAS
I am using a dCS Rossini DAC and in my opinion it is far ahead of my Linn KDS/1 in sound quality. Vitus is a new name to me and I am interested to hear about it.

The improvement from using the Melco was clear with my KDS/1. I have heard that it doesn't make as much difference when used with the KDS Katalyst. Your Russ Andrews power supply could also be having an effect.

I have put SSDs in my Melcos (I have an N1Z and an N1A) to eliminate the HDD noise and reduce power consumption. I also found the sound was improved but this required two attempts at choosing a suitable SSD model.

You will not get the full benefits of the Melco if you use a NAS to store your files. I use my N1A to store my files and my N1Z as a transport for the DAC. After trying many different combinations, I have found this produces the best sound.

Important disclaimer: all my above comments on sound quality are my subjective impressions of how things sound with my ears, my music, my setup and my listening space. Other listeners might reach different conclusions and there is no "right" or "wrong" here.
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29-04-2019, 18:02
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RE: Melco Audiophile NAS
Vitus is a Danish company, they make some pretty exotic stuff. Entry level is Reference range, then Signature, Masterpiece and a money-no-object level beyond that.

Some dealers move Naim customers over to Vitus if they are fed up with the box count and noisy transformers while also wanting more refinement or an upgrade path that does not involve Statement. And their kit is so much more involving than Linn's. I run the RI-101 integrated amp and it's a superb one-box amp (it's a slightly large box though). And despite the big transformer inside, it is way quieter than the Naim rig I once ran for a few months, it's silent.

I agree with you that one can do much better than a KDS, I'd argue you can do better for less money, and for the same money you can get a long way ahead. And now that Linn have discontinued the DS range I think they have gifted a segment of the market to the competition as Linn is so system-level now.

Vitus are new to standalone streamers though a module has been available for their amps before. The RD-101 is a streamer/DAC that came out last year, and unlike my KDS it produces engaging music. At Signature level there is a DAC/CD combo that is also available in DAC-only form, though I've heard a rumour that a streamer version of the Signature DAC is coming soon. Similar ballpark in price probably to the Rossini.

Only thing that's poor with Vitus at present is their website. Hopefully they'll fix that as some product info is out of date.
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01-05-2019, 08:05 (This post was last modified: 02-05-2019 21:12 by beckphotonik.)
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RE: Melco Audiophile NAS
(27-04-2019 23:19)ac16161 Wrote:  I borrowed a Melco N1Z today and it's an immediate non-starter due to the whirring noise of the drives.

Incidentally I had noisy hard drives on my N1ZH/2 when I purchased it, I complained to Melco and they changed them. Drive noise is now inaudible.

For the record I use my Melco to drive a Chord M Scaler/DAVE combo via USB. Very impressive IMHO.
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