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Melco Audiophile NAS
26-10-2018, 07:22
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RE: Melco Audiophile NAS
Am I right that the Melco has a dedicated ethernet to the streamer? In other words, the DSM isn't directly connected to the switch/router?
It sounds like, when it's setup like that, the Melco is somehow preventing your DSM from being discoverable outside your local network (or harder to discover anyway).
Not helpful, but could be why!
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26-10-2018, 07:37
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RE: Melco Audiophile NAS
Yes Timster that is what I am getting at.
However I was talking to Sound Organisation in York yesterday, and they are having the same sorts of problems regardless of Melco.
I was told it could be the Linn server is overloaded. Once you get through it can take an age for a calculation to take place.
I suspect we are pushing Simon's hospitality here, so please pm me if you want to.

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Yesterday, 13:23
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RE: Melco Audiophile NAS
(21-09-2018 21:14)Gandharva Wrote:  
(18-09-2018 18:17)simoncn Wrote:  In a web browser, enter the address x.x.x.x:9790 where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the Melco. On this page, click "Rescan".

Many thanks for this Simon. I'll give it a go. Hopefully I'll be able to do this with my ipad.

I was trying different apps for controlling MinimServer on my Melco. When I tried Lumin, I found that in settings there is an option to force MinimServer to re-scan. Now I can load music without having to use a PC at all.

I still prefer Mconnect but it is useful having Lumin installed just for that single purpose.
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