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16-09-2020, 21:58 (This post was last modified: 16-09-2020 22:04 by Mike48.)
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RE: Roon
(16-09-2020 21:36)lyapounov Wrote:  (shortened)
I have now 7373 albums, representing 117337 tracks, for a total duration of 353d 22h 31m 26s and 5 696 879 479 279 bytes

I am a geek somehow, and I like to have my music well structured.

Now: re tagging this amount of music does not resist Covid. It is impossible (do you want to help me ? :-). Plus how do you tag ? When I was teaching database, I allways gave my student as an exercice to make the data model of classical music CDs. A nightmare. And, FYI, I buy a lot on Qobuz. You can't imagine the number of albums where tagging is bad, event sometime buggued, like each track has the name of the album repeated twice before the track content....

I agree about the horrible tagging of purchased downloads. I spend far less time tagging a CD ripped with dBpoweramp than fixing tagging for an equivalent download. It's incomprehensible why the labels can't do better.

If you ever wanted to add proper tagging to your library, you might look at the MusiChi software, if it still exists, which includes a massive database to add and format tags to your liking, all done with as much or little intervention as you choose. But I just visited the site to provide a link, and I found only a piece of hardware. Either they have discontinued the software, which would be a shame, or they are re-doing their Web site right now.

JRiver Media Center allows sorting the display by anything and then making bulk changes; still, for 7,375 albums (assuming you've bought 2 since posting), it still will be a tough go. JRiver also has a command language for making changes. I save my commands in a text file for future use.

As to the question "How do you tag?", you as a database expert know there is no perfect way. One just must devise a workable layout that lets you find what you're looking for. My scheme is hardly perfect, but I easily can find that one clarinet piece by composer A hidden in a compilation disc or on a disc of music by B. I also can find all versions I have of Scarlatti's sonata in B, K. 262 (e.g.). So it has uses, especially for a pretty big library, but if you're satisfied now, it won't be worth it for you.

Portland, Oregon, USA
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