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Exclude TrackArtist tag from Artist/All Artists indexing
10-01-2019, 15:01 (This post was last modified: 10-01-2019 15:02 by jakub.)
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RE: Exclude TrackArtist tag from Artist/All Artists indexing
(10-01-2019 12:04)paultaylor Wrote:  
(09-01-2019 11:03)jakub Wrote:  
(08-01-2019 21:15)paultaylor Wrote:  I found this discussion a but confusing since the ARTIST field represents a track artist, i.e Artist/TrackArtist can be used interchangeably in Gui, but most tag formats store as ARTIST, none store as TRACKARTIST.

I wouldn't say that ARTIST necessarily represents the TrackArtist. Especially in classical music, you might want to sort your library in a way that the album is tagged in the ARTIST tag by the composer of the work. But if you have a soloist, which is often the case, then I prefer not to add it into the ARTIST tag, as the main indexing gets polluted from all the soloists. Hence I prefer to have it in a separate tag.
Ok thanks for your clarification, but the ARTIST tag is meant to represents the artists at track level (whatever that means), whereas ALBUMARTIST represents the main artists at album level. I agree deciding what the track artist should be for Classical is difficult, I store the conductor/main performer and orchestra for ARTIST, I don't add composer but they go into the COMPOSER tag. Then I have separate tags for PERFORMER, ORCHESTRA ectera.

Could be, as there is no RFC or any norm (as far as I know) I haven't really researched the purpose of the tags in a great detail... I'd say there are many ways of achieveing of what we want, and many different tastes how we prefer to sort the music as well Wink. I store the composer in ARTIST, orchestra in ORCHESTRA and conductor in CONDUCTOR. Indeed, you can create PERFORMER, or SOLOIST tags, I think it doesn't really matter in the end. I just use TRACKARTIST for this purpose, as probably some tracks I bought on HDtracks or elsewhere were already tagged this way, so I just stick to it.
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