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Minimserver not finding new music on Linux System
06-01-2019, 10:45
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RE: Minimserver not finding new music on Linux System
(03-01-2019 11:07)simoncn Wrote:  I have updated this section of the User guide to change 'filetype' to 'file extension', which should be clearer. Thanks for pointing this out.

Changing the way that files are scanned to first probe them for their audio type before reading them would add complexity to the scanning process and would significantly increase scanning time in some cases because of the need to probe files that are not audio files. For these reasons, I don't have any plans to make this change.

Requiring file extensions is actually very reasonable, especially if it keeps things simple and fast. Adding complexity to, and increasing the time of, the scanning process would certainly be a bad outcome. File extensions also make sense for other reasons, like portability of files with other OSs.

Thank you for updating the user guide. The new description is very explicit. I don't expect anyone who reads the guide to make the same mistake I made.

As an aside, thank you for the effort you have invested in MinimServer. It is appreciated.
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