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Transcoding stopped working (Synology NAS)
09-10-2018, 09:20
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RE: Transcoding stopped working (Synology NAS)
(08-10-2018 21:04)simoncn Wrote:  I presume you meant to say *:wav24;96, not *.wav24;96.

The * as an input type doesn't mean "all types". It means "network streams of unspecified type". If you want to transcode mp3 and flac files, you need to set stream.transcode to "mp3:wav24;96, flac:wav24;96". This is how it has always worked.
Hi Simon,

Thanks a lot for your help, the string "mp3:wav24;96, flac:wav24;96" has solved my problem. Initially, I have also tried flac:wav but it didn't seem to work then. But now I realize that BubbleUPNP must have been the reason. I had to re-select the media server in BubbleUPNP before the transcoding became active for whatever the reason. Anyway, it works fine now, thanks again. Smile
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