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NAS for 'Dummies'
05-08-2018, 00:39
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RE: NAS for 'Dummies'
Thanks Simon. It all eventually started working again. The issue arose when I Rescanned after I added some new music. I had added some music to the library not that long ago (certainly after 30 June) and I don't know why the 'old' version Rescanned with no problem.

The options for updating automatically seem to be either to send a notification, or update all. Since I don't use any of the apps (except for MinimServer, MinimStreamer and the required Java), I won't set it up for automatic updates (as these seem so frequent). I'll just keep an eye out for new MinimServer updates as and when. Thanks anyway for the advice.

Do you happen to know what is the largest size drive I can put in the 251+? I believe I'm limited to 2TB in the 210 (although I could be wrong about that).

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