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08-05-2018, 09:42
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Yes the default has the capital M. The World Service issue is due to BubbleUPnp on Android being not able to play that stream, on a Denon DNP720AE it was fine. No issue with the other Dash streams.

I like the new bracket parameters, now with AAC in the bracket I can take out the wav conversion I was doing for a Neet renderer as I understand it, it's now seeing the header and knows it's an AAC stream. The Denon was always happy with that. Then we have the debate about whether it's better to use the algorithms in the Denon and Neet boxes to do the reconstruction of the WAV file or the programs called in Minimserver. I know you go for wav24 for your high end system. All the equipment is going to be brought together in one household, so whilst the Denon can handle Wav24, the Neet boxes can't so I think I'm settling for one Raspberry Pi and AAC in the parameter file.

What slightly mystifies me is the Denon tells you that 69 kbps is running with AAC in how it's getting it whilst it's a 300 or so.... it said the same with HLS. Either I dont understand the units or what its showing is wrong. Packages ?.

Thanks again.
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