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Minimserver on Windows 10 notebook
19-04-2018, 16:24
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Minimserver on Windows 10 notebook
I have Minimserver/Minimstreamer running on a Windows 10 Home notebook generally without any problems. This setup allows me to listen to the BBC HLS radio streams on a Reciva internet radio.

The only issue is (and I realise this is not strictly a Minimserver problem) that every now and then the notebook (an Asus E200HA with 2GB RAM) becomes unresponsive and requires a reboot after which I have to manually start Minimserver again. When the Asus is in a frozen state it is obviously not possible to listen to the BBC streams on the internet radio.

I have over 20 years experience with Apple Macs but I know very little about the Windows platform. (The Asus was initially an unwanted gift until I found a use for it as a media server.) If somebody can give me some suggestions for solving this problem I would be most grateful. BTW the notebook is always on mains power, and is set never to sleep.
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Minimserver on Windows 10 notebook - Zeewier - 19-04-2018 16:24

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