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Log Error Messages Not Understood
10-01-2018, 19:16
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RE: Log Error Messages Not Understood
(10-01-2018 18:06)DavidHB Wrote:  
(10-01-2018 15:42)Budgie Wrote:  BTW, what is the best software to view the metadata rather than using EasyTag?

Depends what platform you are running EasyTag on. On Windows, I would recommend MP3Tag (which some folk have also reported as running on Linux under Wine, though I have never been successful with this). On the Mac (which I don't use) many folk hereabouts recommend Metadatics. On Linux, there is PuddleTag, but, in my limited experience with it, it is not nearly as fully featured as the other two.

Your actual problem is that MinimServer is seeing the AlbumArtist tag in the listed file as being different in some way from the other AlbumArtist tags in the same Album. MinimServer only allows a single AlbumArtist value for all the tracks in an album. Multiple Artist values are allowed, and the AlbumArtist values can (all) be empty.

It is very unlikely that what MinimServer is telling you is wrong, but the causes of this problem can be difficult to puzzle out. Sometimes there are 'rogue' tracks with the same Album name which have accidentally been included in the Album. Sometimes there is a variation in the text which is difficult to spot. Sometimes multiple AlbumArtist tags are generated.

The easiest way to solve the problem is often just to select all the album tracks in a tag editor, make them all blank, and then rescan MinimServer to see whether the error message disappears. If it does, you can do a simultaneous replacement of the AllbumArtist tag value on all tracks (to make sure that all are using the same value), and rescan again. If you are still getting the error with (you believe) all the AlbumArtist values in the album blank, you need to be looking for interlopers in the album or (probably more likely) multiple AlbumArtist tags in the problem track(s) that need to be deleted.


Hi David and Simon,
Now you have confirmed the cause of the symptoms I think I have cracked it. EasyTag uses an hyphen as delimiter, (PuddleTag uses // or \\, can't remember,) which I use when I wish to enter two genres eg Opera - Baroque. This enables me to look up under either genre when using Minimserver/BubbleDS Next setup.

This option can be set in EasyTag preferences for several fields and clearly I have it enabled for genre. I also have it enabled for Artist but not for Albumartist, indeed there is no such option available. It seems however that this is working on Albumartist and is the cause of minimserver seeing more than one albumartist being set. I have removed the offending hyphens.
Many thanks once more.
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